High Product Quality

Funlandia designs and manufactures playground equipments in compliance with international regulations. Using only the finest materials that is processed under advanced machineries, we guarantee product quality. Our QA department conducts stringent checks on finished products before they are delivered to our customers.

The following are a few examples of how we have attuned our manufacturing system and process to delivery superior quality.

China playground factory

Superior materials

Heavy duty pigmented rotomolded resin
All Funlandia plastic components are made of shatter-proof compounded pigmented resins, and are produced with our own rotomolding machines. They are more resistant to impact, UV-15, and high temperatures. The finished product also looks more glossy and smooth, and does not induce static.
pigmented resin playground materialhigh quality playground material resinrotomolded commercial playground part slide

Funlandia platforms are strong and durable. They are made of heavy gauge galvanized steel with powder coating or PVC coating that is 3-4mm thick. As such, the platforms are resistant to corrosion and heat. They are also anti-slip which helps to reduce accidents and injuries. A special adhesive is applied to the platform before they undergo PVC coating process so that the coating won’t peel off when exposed to extreme weather conditions. The platform is flange formed and strengthened with support beams underneath to prevent distortion. Some models in our product range feature plastic platforms that are lighter and more resistant to corrosion.
playground part platformplatform

Aluminum alloy clamps and footings
Made from die-cast aluminium alloy, our user-friendly clamps and footings can be installed easily. The half-clamp compresses posts in 360 degree for a tight and secure mounting.
aluminum alloy clamp for outdoor playgroundclamp for outdoor playgroundplayground part footer

Galvanized steel and aluminum-alloy posts
Our posts are made of either cold-formed galvanized steel, or extruded aluminum alloy. The posts are washed and sanitized before they are coated with powder. This process allows the coating to adhere strongly to the posts so it wil not peel off. The result is a smooth, glossy look.
steel post for outdoor playgroundplayground part steel postposts

Super-strong ropes
All of our rope climbing products are made from steel wires tightly wrapped in UV-stabilized polyamide yarn for superior strength, abrasion resistance, and UV-resistance.
playground rope

Stainless steel tamper-resistant hardware
The hardware of our playgrounds such as bolts, nuts, and washers are made of stainless steel and are tamper-resistant, thus providing extra security.

Factory-installed post caps
To enhance durability and resistance against intentional damage, our cast-aluminium post caps are installed in the factory and tightened with rivets.
pre-installed cap of playground

PE shades
To enhance durability and resistance against intentional damage, our cast-aluminium post caps are installed in the factory and tightened with rivets.

State of art manufacturing facilities

Production equipments
Funlandia owns some of the most advanced production equipments in the playground industry. This includes, automatic heavy duty pipe benders, 4-position rotomolding machines, powder coating production lines, welding robots and automatic carving machines. These equipments guarantee the consistent high quality of our playgrounds.
CNC processing centerautomatic curving machine2 position rotomolding machine4 position rotomolding machine

Cutting-edge welding technology
Robot welding: Robots replace manual welding which reduces human error and render more precise results
Coped welding: Coped weld connections are used for strength and durability. They can endure the stress of daily usage and heavier weight loads because a larger surface area of the tubing is welded together.
automatic welding robotcoped welding machine

Molding and mold making
We produce our own plastic playground components with high-precision and Teflon-coated aluminium alloy or steel molds. As these molds are created in-house, we are able to develop new products faster than other manufacturers. We have amassed a large pool of skilled talent, knowledge and experience in Research and Development that continuously propels our product quality to reach greater heights.
playground plastic part slideplayground component moldaluminum mold for playground part