Balloon carnivalModel NO.: ESP-A1312

Product Overview

Model No.: ESP-A1312
A soft-contained play room full of colorful balloons that are blown in the air, the balloons float and bounce all over the place, creating a dream-like playhouse for the children.

The Balloon Carnival can be custom designed to fit in your area, or be integrated in the play structure or a play castle.

  • SIZE: 2.44 x 3.66 x 3.00 (m)
  • AREA REQUIRED: 3.44 x 4.66 x 2.8 (m)
  • AGE RANGE: <2, 2-5
  • POWER: 200W
  • Frame: Galvanized steel; laminated board

    Foam and wrapping: Fire retardant EP foam and PVC

    Electronic parts: air blower

    • Foam puzzle wall (jungle)
    • GENERIC THEME indoor playground
    • Wall mat
    • Candy Land theme indoor playground (2013 new design)
    • Ocean theme soft play – octopus
    • Distortion mirror
    • Zero gravity ball table (small)
    • Play panel system – Beads Maze Table
    • Tub ball pool
    • Themed canopy