Carousel – Sugar LandModel NO.: RIDES-CRS-001

Product Overview

Model No: RIDES-CRS-001

The Sugar Land carousel features cute cartoon figures, it rotates gently in cheerful music.

  • SIZE: 1.35 x 1.35 x 2.50 (m)
  • AGE RANGE: <2, 2-5
  • POWER: 370 W
  • SPEED: 4.8 RPM (rotation)
  • PLAY DURATION: 1-6 minutes (adjustable)
    • Stars on the top twinkle during play;
    • Bright white LED light strip lining;
    • Emergency button that shuts down the carousel in emergency;
    • 30mm low base height that’s easy for children to get on;
    • Seat belt on all seats
    • With MP3 player and speakers that can be used to play any music
    • All kiddie rides and carousels are made of fiberglass entirely, as opposed to the plastic used by some other manufacturers partly or entirely. The rides made of fiberglass last much longer and feature vivid color.
    • Better craftmanship as seen in the high quality painting and surface polish.
    • Polished and painted interior with rich details.
    • Motor, coin receivers, and other core components are supplied by China’s best manufacturers to ensure reliability of the products.
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