Children Art and Craft

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Children’s art and craft products are an important income source for indoor playground and play center, some of our customers get nearly 1/3 of  their net profit from this seemingly insignificant business.

The art and craft area is usually located outside of the main play area, it’s overseen by a trained staff who also helps the children use the tools,  the customers pay for the materials and can keep the art work they create. Children by their nature love to learn and create, and since the creative activity has so many benefits, the parents are happy to pay for it.

Funlandia brings you the latest, most attractive, and most profitable art and craft products, and incorporate the art and craft area elegantly in the overall design of your play center. We also upgrade our offerings regularly, to present you always the worlds’ most popular children art and craft products.

Foam stickers picture and handicraft

These self-adhesive foam stickers allow children to create beautiful cartoon pictures and  handicraft, the self-adhesive back makes it very easy to work with.

Children love the bright color and cute images of the stickers, and they are excited about the artworks created with their own hands. Their thinking, imagination, coordination, and many other skills are developed during the play.

The stickers are available in many different themes, any children can find their favorite item to create.

kids art and craft - foam sticker picture  kids foam sticker picture - season's greeting  kids foam sticker picture  kids foam sticker picture - butterfly kids foam sticker handicraft - frog pen holder  kids foam sticker handicraft - tiger bag  kids foam sticker handicraft - bag  kids foam sticker handicraft - pen holder (bunny)  Children's art and craft - frame (cow)  Children's art and craft - frame (elephant)

Sticky mosaic art

Create mosaic pictures, craftwork, and even a shiny crown using the sticky foam tiles, this delightful art activity is suitable for children of all ages and skill levels. The mosaic art is also a great activity for children’s birthday party.

Mosaic crown with diamonds  Mosaic picture - car  Mosaic picture - dinosaur    mosaic picture - flower  mosaic picture - robot  mosaic picture - spaceship

Air-dry clay

The air-dry clay is the latest substitute of traditional clay, it is smoother, finer and less sticky than traditional clay, and saves the complex firing process. Because it is made of nature earth clay, the product is completely safe.

The clay is also very easy to handle and clean, and when it dries, the sculpture is solid and free of cracks, it is a perfect material to be used in children’s modeling and sculpture activity.

There are countless cute sculptures and handicrafts that can be created using these clay and accessories: mug, frame, pen holders, you name it. Your little customers will keep coming back to create new crafts and increase their collections.

air-dry clay sculptures  air-dry clay sculptures  kids art and craft - air-dry clay frame  kids art and craft - frame made with clay  children art and craft - clay sculpture  clay paint with beads  clay paint with beads

Creative corn

These magic foam are made of corn, they can be rolled, shaped, cut, and stuck together to create unique 3D art, because they are made of corn and food color, they are complete safe for children.

magic corn material  kids craft - corn sculpture  kids craft - corn sculpture (little bee)  kids craft - corn sculpture (Chinese birth animals)  kids craft - corn sculpture (bear and castle)  kids craft - corn sculpture (farm house)  kids craft - corn sculpture (jungle)  kids art and craft - corn sculpture (Snoopy)  kids art and craft - corn sculpture (Christmas)  kids art and craft - corn sculpture (penguin)