Play panel system – Crouching TigerModel NO.: IFS-PLPS-014

Product Overview

Model No.: IFS-PLPS-014

A crouching tiger sits proudly atop your play panel, as it watches the children play. Don’t be afraid, he is actually a cute little cat!

The Swinging Top Labyrinth can be customized to your brand or corporate identity. The labyrinth can be fitted with your own graphic. Please contact us for more information.

Funlandia play panel systems are designed for toddlers, pre-school and school age children and feature activities based on exploration, sight and touch.

Our freestanding and wall-mounting panel play systems add cheerful color and fun to any indoor play area. Any play panel modules can be integrated in the system to creates an unique solution that suits children of different age groups and the atmosphere of your premise.

The free standing play panel systems offer a focused, all in one play solution.

  • WEIGHT: 3kg (6.6 lbs.)
  • SIZE: 1.54 x 0.69 x 0.03 (m)
  • AGE RANGE: <2, 2-5
  • High quality wood

    • Beach sand pit
    • Play panel module – Memory Match
    • Cartoon theme shoe / storage cubbie – Snoopy
    • Ocean theme indoor play structure
    • GENERIC THEME indoor structure
    • Themed canopy
    • Shoe cubby – Micky
    • Cartoon theme children bench – bunny
    • Soft play horse carousel
    • Sand pit