Sculpture and theming

fiberglass statues of gorillafiberglass furniturefiberglass sculpture clownfiberglass whalefiberglass statue of Mickey mouse

Funlandia offers creative and affordable theming in our indoor playgrounds. The themed elements include fiberglass sculptures, fiberglass trademark and logo, custom designed mural, digital printing, soft-padded decoration, and even custom designed play equipment, the different play area can be brought together within one or more theme,  to become an unique indoor play center that makes you stand out from the competition.

Funlandia has its own fiberglass factory, we create hand-crafted fiberglass sculptures and statues from scratch, from conception, 3D modeling, to molding and painting, these vivid sculptures feature the top-notch craftsmanship, they are the final touch that makes your family entertainment center an awesome place.

Funlandia is also a turn-key solution provider that takes care of the entire project of indoor and outdoor theming, from design and creation to construction. Funlandia specializes in turning your wildest interior design concept into reality using fiberglass sculptures, fiberglass theming and furniture, our customers include theme parksrestaurants, night clubs, game centers, corporate headquarters, and many other commercial places.

Please have a glimpse on some of the fiberglass sculptures we have created, if you need a custom designed product or would like to have us design the theming of your facility, please contact us.

Jungle theme fiberglass animals

The molds of these fiberglass animals are handcrafted, the statues are polished and painted by hands, the finished products feature rich details and excellent craftsmanship, they are great enhancements to your jungle themed playgrounds. All the sculptures can be customized to your specific requirements.

fiber glass sculpture of a lion  fiberglass sculpture of a lion cub  Animal sculpture - hippo  Animal sculpture - tiger Animal sculpture - zebra  animal sculpture - frog  Fiberglass sculpture - dinosaur  Fiberglass sculpture - elephant  Animal sculpture - gorilla  Animal sculpture - parrot  Animal sculpture - giraffe  Animal sculpture - rhino  Fiberglass sculpture - parrot  Fiberglass chimp statue  Chimp 1    Chimp 3

Ocean theme fiberglass animals

The ocean themed sculptures include many different types of fishes, sharks, whales, and other ocean animals, as well as life-size fiberglass statues of pirates and mermaid, these vivid statues will help you create an exciting ocean themed play center that is like real.

Animal sculpture - whale  fiberglass sculpture - pirate turtle  fiberglass sculpture - Shark and fish  fiberglass sculpture - hammer head shark  Fiberglass statue - shark  fiberglass sculpture - shark (style 2)   Fiberglass statue - dolphin  fiberglass sculpture - the mermaid little girl  fiberglass sculpture - mermaid  fiberglass sculpture - ocean themed pillar  Fiberglass statue - turtle  Fiberglass statue - turtle  Fiberglass statue - fish  Fiberglass statue - fish  fiberglass sculpture - fish  fiberglass sculpture - tropic fish  fiberglass sculpture - yellow fish  fiberglass sculpture - fish    fiberglass sculpture - fish  Fiberlgass jelly fish light      Fiberglass statue - octopus  Fiberglass statue - octopus  Fiberglass statue - octopus  Polar bear sculpture  polar bear sculpture

Famous cartoon figures

Welcome the customers with children’s favorite cartoon figures.

Cartoon figure sculpture - Mario  Cartoon figure fiberglass sculpture - Mickey  Cartoon figure fiberglass sculpture - Minnie  Cartoon figure fiberglass sculpture - star fish  Cartoon figure fiberglass sculpture - seven dwalfs  Cartoon figure fiberglass sculpture - seven dwalfs  Cartoon figure fiberglass sculpture - seven dwalfs  Cartoon figure fiberglass sculpture - seven dwalfs  Cartoon figure fiberglass chicken  Fiberglass statue - Little Mermaid

Other cartoon figures

Fiberglass cartoon figures created by our own cartoon artists:

cartoon sculpture ant  cartoon sculpture ant  cartoon sculpture apple  cartoon sculpture mushroom  cartoon sculpture astronaut  cartoon sculpture bear  cartoon sculpture bug  cartoon sculpture gingerbread  cartoon sculpture pear  cartoon sculpture dinosaur  cartoon sculpture dinosaur  cartoon sculpture dragon

Holiday themed sculptures

Make your indoor playground merrier with these holiday themed sculptures.

fiberglass sculpture - Santa  Fiberglass sculpture - reindeer  Fiberglass sculpture - pumpkin  Fiberglass sculpture - pumpkin

Movie and game figures

Fiberglass statues created based on famous movie and video games, these life-size statues feature the best craftsman ship and vivid painting by hand,  they will sure attract customers to your play center.

movie figure statue - Rambo  movie figure statue - Rambo  video game figure statue - Tekken  video game figure statue - Tekkenvideo game figure statue - Tekken  Movie figure statue - Kongfu Panda   Movide figure statue - Pirate of Caribean  Movie figure statue - transformer

Themed fiberglass furniture

These creative and one-of-a-kind fiberglass furniture are designed in the inspiration of jungle and ocean animals, they will create an exciting and fun space in your play center, restaurant, cafe, pub, or office area.

fiberglass furniture ocean theme  fiberglass furniture ocean theme stool  fiberglass furniture ocean theme stool  fiberglass furniture parrot theme table  fiberglass furniture parrot stool  fiberglass furniture zebra theme  fiberglass furniture zebra theme  fiberglass furniture zebra stool  fiberglass furniture Donald theme  fiberglass furniture Donald theme stool  fiberglass furniture sea horse seat red  fiberglass furniture in a themed restaurant

Fiberglass trademark and signage

We also design and create fiberglass trademark and signage that can be used in your indoor playground or any other businesses.

fiberglass sign  fiberglass sign  fiberglass signage  fiberglass LOGO  fiberglass signage  fiberglass signage  fiberglass signage

Turn-key theming project

Funlandia is also a turn-key solution provider that takes care of the entire project of indoor and outdoor theming, from design and creation to construction. We can turn your sketch drawing of any themed interior design into real decoration: entrance, awning, pillar, ceiling, statue, you name it.  If you are not good at drawing, do not worry, please just tell us your concept and theming idea, our talented designers will turn your concept into 3D rendering and reality.

Interior design created with fiberglass  Interior design created with fiberglass  Theme park fiberglass sculpture  Fiberglass sculpture in theme park  Fiberglass interior design  Fiberglass interior design  fiberglass theme park sculpture  Fiberglass haunted house