Slideset with basketModel NO.: IFS-SLSB

Product Overview

Model No.: IFS-SLSB

Small slideset made in the image of cartoon animals, a basket ball basket is installed on the side, it is a compact indoor playset that can let 3 children to have fun at the same time, it can be placed at the toddler area of indoor playground, the landing area of the slide board can be a ball pit to add more excitement and safety.

  • SIZE: 1.70 x 0.97 x 1.10 (m)
  • AREA REQUIRED: 3 x 3 x 3 (m)
  • AGE RANGE: <2, 2-5
  • Compounded pigmented resins

    • GENERIC THEME indoor playground
    • Animal stripes punch bag
    • Kiddie ride – Yellow Lightning (with video)
    • Rocking Speed Boat
    • B-day cake staircase
    • JUNGLE THEME indoor playground
    • Play panel module – Head Matching
    • Rainbow bridge
    • Kiddie ride – Fire Truck
    • Play panel system – Stuntman