MEET Funlandia at VWGE2013

MEET Funlandia at VWGE2013, the largest expo in China for landscape and garden design.

The products will be shown on Funlandia’s 110 sqm booth are: outdoor playground equipments, fitness equipments, and outdoor site furnishings including benches, picinic tables, and trash can. Funlandia has also planned to introduce its 2013 new product series to the Northern China market on the event.

Urban greening and landscape architecture are playing more and more important role in neighborhood construction around China, and become one of the most important competitiveness of new residential development projects. Thanks to its innovative design, excellent playability, and reliable quality, Funlandia’s outdoor playground and outdoor fitness equipments have been the first choice of many well known real estate development companies and architects around the country.

Funlandia provides full support to architects and urban planners on their designing and planning work, including the most complete product specification and drawing, design-in assistance, and acceptance of custom design. The VWGE2013 show will be a great opportunities for Funlandia’s designers to meet and communicate with architects from China and the world, to make improvements on our playground products based on the customer’s feedback.

We will announce the booth information and further details as soon as it’s released by the organizer of the expo.

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