Request For A Custom Playground Design

Custom design is one of Funlandia’s strongest advantages, our team of designers and engineers have worked together with the clients to create over a thousand customized indoor and outdoor playground.

To custom design a playground that meets your exact requirements, we need to understand your project and preferences thoroughly, that is why we have created the form below to gain a basic understanding of your project beforehand.

Please note, this form is for outdoor playground products only, if you need custom design for indoor playground, please use this form on our indoor playground website.

  • Describe your theme ideas, our designer will incorporate it in the playground design. If left blank, our designer will choose a theme for you.

    • Steel merry-go-round style 1Steel merry-go-round style 1
    • Wave slideWave slide
    • Straight tube slideStraight tube slide
    • Triple lane slideTriple lane slide
    • Swirl tube slideSwirl tube slide
    • Swirl slideSwirl slide
    • Swirl glideSwirl glide
    • Spiral tube slideSpiral tube slide
    • Spiral slideSpiral slide
    • Fast slideFast slide
    • Double lane wave slideDouble lane wave slide
    • Double lane slideDouble lane slide
    • Straight slideStraight slide
    • Tyre climberTyre climber
    • Spiral steel climberSpiral steel climber
    • Holed climbing wallHoled climbing wall
    • Climbing gridClimbing grid
    • Climbing boulder style 3Climbing boulder style 3
    • Climbing boulder style 2Climbing boulder style 2
    • Climbing boulder style 1Climbing boulder style 1
    • climber style 2climber style 2
    • Climber style 1Climber style 1
    • Rock ClimberRock Climber
    • Patchwork ClimberPatchwork Climber
    Click here to see inspiration
  • Are the measurements on the drawing complete and clear?

    If there is any obstruction within the play area, such as pillars, please indicate size and location on drawing.

    If there is any wall or other obstructions around the play area, please identify on drawing.

    If there are any existing utilities in your play area, including gas, water, or electric lines, please identify on drawing.

    Please identify on your drawing the main access points

    Please identify the main road that will lead traffic to the playground.

    (File formats supported: DWG, jpg, png, pdf, doc, xls, zip, rar)
    1. CAD file is most prefered, but other files are acceptable if the measurements and information are complete and clear.
    2. If you have more than one files to upload, please compress them into a single .zip file or .rar file first.