Full Support In Every Aspect

Funlandia provides full and personalized support in every aspect of owning Funlandia products, these supports make it easy for custom to own either a small residential climbing frame, or a large commercial indoor playground.

custom design playground

Design and prototyping

The design process commences with extensive and in-depth communication with the customer. Our designer will make sure he has a clear understanding of your requirements for the play equipment in terms of functionality and style. He keeps in touch with you via various instant communication tools such as Skype so any issue will be cleared swiftly. You will personally review the design upon its completion. We will not stop revising it until you are completely satisfied.

ERP in playground production

Project management

Every order made by our customers is treated as an individual project. We have an effective project management system in place so we can closely monitor the project and keep you updated. Upon confirmation of your order, we will enter the data into our project management system to schedule the tasks based on a mutually agreed shipment date. Our project manager will report to you on a regular basis so you can stay on top of the project’s progress.

fast shipping support

Timely shipment

Our advanced ERP and project management system ensures that we adhere to the shipment schedule. In urgent circumstances, your order will be given priority and we will assign more resources to work on it.

playground installation service

Installation service

A proper installation procedure is as important as the quality of the playground. Funlandia has a dedicated, well-trained team of installation technicians who possess extensive experience from installing over 500 indoor and outdoor playgrounds all over the world

best support

Staff training

Our client’s employees can receive free training from us on playground installation, maintenance, and business operation (for indoor playground and family entertainment center clients), these training will help you keep your playground safer, more profitable, and having a longer life.

after sales service

After-sales service

We strive to provide excellent after-sales service, our customers gets to receive a customized maintenance kit, an automatic maintenance reminder system and spare parts so they can run their business smoothly without a glitch. Best of all, your dedicated account manager and support team will be online seven days a week to provide assistance in a timely fashion.